Doing the Tourist Thing

One of the tourist items Poland is known for is the amber used in all kinds of jewelry and other beautiful items. Amber is fossilized pine tree resin, and often contains some insect that got caught in the sticky gold before it hardened. If you have never seen any of this kind of amber, please go to this site for a wonderful closeup (which I did not get in all my picture taking!) I wish I could have brought each of you something made with this Polish delight…but maybe next time. Amber has been found along the Baltic coasts of Poland and Lithuania for thousands of years…a gift from the sea, washed up again by the waves near the pine trees on the coast from which it came.

In this large building in the center of the Krakow old town we found this long parade of booths full of crafted items: leather work, furs, many amber jewelry booths, pottery and decorated wooden items.

2 thoughts on “Doing the Tourist Thing”

  1. Isn’t there supposed to be some health benefit to wearing amber, too? Seems like I heard something about that… like they have baby teething necklaces made out of amber or something and it’s supposed to be soothing. I could be getting it mixed up with something else, though.

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