Before I left for Poland, I had an informative trip to McFarland Clinic’s Travel Clinic. Makes sense…..one doctor sees everyone who is headed overseas. He keeps up on the current bugs and outbreaks. I had two shots and went home with a nice folder of information and orders to not drink the water, use ice or eat anything uncooked that couldn’t be peeled. I was also to get some Imodium and fill a scrip for antibiotic. Wanting to have a good vacation, I left Ames fully intending to obey orders! You’ll remember, my first meal was Burger King, even though Ian was feasting on a fresh salad. So it went for a couple of days, and then some of our friends brought out the fresh fruit…and it looked so good. I also suspected that some unpeeled cucumber was winding up on my train sandwiches. But, it didn’t seem to bother me, and really, I started to forget “orders”. But when I was served this meal in Krakow, it all came back to me……oh this was bad….so terribly bad, all the rules broken in one meal! Oh well, what the heck….I just dived right in and enjoyed!

This, my last zurek, did not violate orders though, and it had the sweetest little quail egg in it you ever did see!

Ian contemplating truth and beauty!

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