Staying in a Krakow flat

On the internet, Ian found a flat for us to rent for our two days in Krakow. Actually, we had two of three bedrooms in the flat and shared a kitchen and bathroom in common with the residents of the third bedroom. It was quite charming and reasonable! We had a key to the front door as well as keys to the flat and to our bedrooms. As far as I could tell the third bedroom was occupied by a family with a teenager, but we never did really see them! While there we had a wonderful visit with some friends who came over and joined us for breakfast, AND two girls from America who were touring Europe wound up joining us too! They had Ian’s phone number and gave him a call. Small world!

Above is the view from our window, a little courtyard behind the building our flat was in.

Our kitchen was equipped with a few dishes, and the basics for a good cup of coffee. The bathroom was also delightful and afforded a nice hot shower! Again, we slept with the windows wide open…just sheer bliss!

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