Where Ian sleeps

On Monday of my trip to Poland, Ian and I were in Wroclaw (pronounced Vrotswav) where he has a little apartment. It would remind you of a large college dorm room with a small foyer, bathroom, and tiny kitchen. They’ve put large wardrobes down the middle to divide the room. This sofa is like a futon and makes into a bed. While there, I slept here and Ian slept on Loran’s chair that makes into a bed. It was small but very cozy, wonderful windows, quiet, good sleep!

It was wonderful for the mother in me to see where her son spends some of his time! Also, I loved seeing some of the furniture that had belonged to a dear friend, Edward, who has passed on. I never got to meet him, but seeing some things he used made me feel like I had touched him in some way.

And here is Loran probably catching up on e-mail. He always has such a wonderful smile! 🙂

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