Going to Kutno

It’s Sunday now on my trip to Poland. We were up early for some fellowship with friends and then took off to visit more friends in Kutno. Mr. P had rented a car, as he is thinking about purchasing one there in Poland..so we had wheels! It was wonderful to see the countryside this way and my conclusion was that the roads are quite good. Some further out in the country are narrower and don’t have lines painted on them…could be tricky in bad weather or at night, but they were just fine for us. We stopped part way for an early lunch at this restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Going to Kutno”

  1. Looks like you traveled in style then. This is the largest European car I think I’ve seen. 😉 Just kidding, but we were always noticing how tiny the cars were when we were in Europe.

  2. p.s. Love, love, LOVE the orange and the cute skirt! Would be fun to pass on the compliment. Wonder if she speaks English? Maybe she checks your blog? Cute outfit! 😉

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