An Apartment in Poznan

Sorry for the pause from my end….little blip with the internet! The kind people we visited in Poznan had a wonderful apartment and made me feel so welcome and right at home! And since I am into nesting and apartments and cultural elements of “how things are”, I have quite a few photos of the P’s apartment. I just loved how small but wonderfully comfortable it all was.

Here’s Ian, catching up on some e-mail in the living room.

Another view of the living room on a day when I begged off the schedule and stayed “home” to rest. Notice I was well supplied with pillows, coffee and my James Michener book, “Poland”, plus internet access!

I’m almost ashamed to admit that I took over two beds while I was there….but it felt soooo good to spread out of the suitcase for a while. And notice again the amazing windows!

And here is the kind, wonderful Mr. P. himself, newly retired but definitely not bored! He loves being in Poland and…..buying fresh bread to eat every morning for breakfast, like we had in this nice little kitchen:

The washer cleverly hid under the bathroom counter.

And the drier is cleverly hid on the balcony! There is an electric drier, but many people seem to enjoy letting their clothes commune naturally with the outdoors.

Now one more apartment pic before I head to bed. The eventful train story will have to wait until tomorrow!

The Poles and the Europeans are so much more clever than we are! I just loved these lamps to my feet and lights to my pathway at night, built right into the wall!

One thought on “An Apartment in Poznan”

  1. Very nice. I had every intention of getting the other end of my clothes line put in this summer so that my clothes could commune naturally with the outdoors, but, alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe next year. Fun to see Ian thriving in his new environment. 😉

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