Warsaw Day 2

We had one more day in Warsaw. It started with Ian bringing me coffee in bed and then making another shopping run for breakfast: fresh bread rolls, wonderful soft cheese and a yogurt drink. After a good shower and more hanging out the window and just hanging out together, we went to another outdoor cafe for lunch. Guess what I had? More zurek, in a bread bowl this time! Lunch was followed by a visit to a small museum for a movie about the destruction and rebuilding of Warsaw and my first conscious look at items from the 11th and 12th century. Did I mention Poland is very old? Did I also mention that many things in Poland are wonderfully small. Check out this door and remember that I am five feet tall exactly!

From the museum, we caught a bus to the Warsaw University Library Garden, one of the largest roof gardens in Europe and yes, I do mean soil, grass, shrubs and flowers, all growing on the roof, in massive quantities in fact! This visit was a special treat from a son to his part-horticulturist mother!

Here’s the library, and the following photos are taken up on top of the building!

And here is a view of Warsaw from the roof:

I also loved this leaf-covered passage way up on the roof. In my bag is a copy of Winnie-the-Pooh in Polish! It was definitely a Pooh kind of day and for our little smackerel of something after leaving the roof, we indulged in cooling mango smoothies!

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