More from Day 1 in Warsaw

Most of Warsaw was reduced to rubble in WWII. What you see here has been rebuilt, maybe in the 60’s?? But the charm and the Polishness of it is eternal in many ways. Castle Inn is right next to the clock tower and I absolutely LOVED hearing the time chimed out every fifteen minutes. I wanted to join the children by taking my shoes off and walking in the cool fountain water, but I restrained myself. Instead I rubber necked around, admiring the subtle art of all the buildings, and the COLOR, oh the colors. The photos don’t do it justice. It’s like walking in a picture post card world.

“And what did she eat for her second meal in Poland?” you might ask. Well, it wasn’t BK!

Just a few steps away from our hotel were several outdoor cafes, we picked one, and I went “hog wild” you might say! My favorite Polish food is something called pierogi, a type of ravioli, that can be boiled and sauteed in butter or fried and stuffed with anything from cheese to sauerkraut and meat. The taste is very delicate and comforting.

And then there is zurek…maybe that is my favorite! It’s an incredible soup, slightly sour from fermented rye and always has an egg in it, like a little present floating in flavor. Unable to decide (I was just too tired by then, you know!) I had both.

And Ian ordered pig knuckle. Ok, before you laugh or turn up your nose, read this, and then imagine the most delicious, tender pork you’ve ever tasted in your life. Believe me, the pig skin surrounding this baby is just a disguise to keep the timid from enjoying this feast. And all the time we were eating, we were enjoying the street sounds, the clock, the gentle drift of people around the square, some street musicians and a nice little breeze!

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