Something new in Somerset

Somerset in north Ames can be thought of as  a semi-new-urbanist development.  You can go here to read about New Urbanism if you are so inclined, but it has to do with “promoting walkable, neighborhood-based development as an alternative to sprawl” according to the Congress for new Urbanism.

Many Ames-ites  love The Cafe, a cozy restaurant that features a good variety of locally grown, in-season foods. The last time I went by there I saw what looked like a garden beside The Cafe and behind the gym. This new addition in Somerset remains a mystery to me…whose garden??? Whoever the owner, I have to say I am IMPRESSED! We’ve had way more rain than usual around here and the most experienced farmers and gardeners are behind schedule, but this garden looks like it was willed into the ground by a pro!  (alas, 2018 update:  it is no longer there)

A community garden in Somerset, Ames Iowa?
A community garden in Somerset, Ames Iowa?


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