What do you see from your windows? When I first moved to Iowa, I lived in an apartment where I could sit on my bed at night and have a front row seat to all the summer storms. Of course, there were the four flights of stairs that went along with this privilege! At my last apartment, there was the wonderful veranda, but only one window with a great view of the…veranda. Now, however….I feel like I am in window heaven, comparatively speaking, with a sliding glass door to the balcony, a great western facing window in the den and TWO, count them…one….two…windows in the bedroom, one of which looks out on a little patch of woods. I see branches waving in the wind, birds flying by, occasionally some stars (unfortunately there are lots of security lights around), and once in a great while, a squirrel looking back at me.

One thought on “Windows”

  1. I think I would go crazy without windows. By the way, I took lots of pictures for you of our B&B. The windows in that room were to DIE for. And the breeze coming through them just MADE the whole experience.

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