Oh my gosh, it doesn’t LOOK like I am going to be moving next week! The Leprechauns must have made this mess, don’t you think? But I bought a little green and stuck it in my plant….

My sister comes tomorrow to help me pack and now I have an annoying cold. At least the sun is out! Yea!!!

Just too cute!


My sister is amazing!  She is doing this art project with some students at the school where she used to be principal.  The above is one of Ian’s old shoes that didn’t make it to Poland.  Sis was supposed to take the old shoes to Goodwill, but recycled them this way instead.  Whadya think Kekoa? Does it sorta look like the movie?  🙂

Moving Time


How do you feel about moving? My family doesn’t typically move a lot. I lived in the same house all the years I was growing up. My parents moved once, after I left home and then my mom moved twice before she died, once to an apartment and then to my sister’s. When you move that infrequently, you can imagine that moving is a HUGE undertaking. Since leaving my three bedroom ranch house behind in Indiana, I’ve had a purpose to never let a living space practically bury me alive like that again. Maybe that explains my living in a 300 square foot efficiency apartment for five years, and yet, I STILL have a lot of stuff. Eventually I’d like to wind up like my Aunt Katherine. When she died in her 90’s, I think she had about 3 pieces of furniture and maybe two boxes of stuff, and that’s the way she wanted it. At about age 80, she started giving her stuff away and cutting back. Of course, she had a LOT of great-nieces and nephews to give her presents to, considering Uncle Frickie came from a family of about 12!

Anyway, after five years in my current abode, it’s time to move, and that’s a good thing, as Martha would say. Above are pics from my new apartment, not sure of the square footage, but it has TWO bedrooms and one heck of a walk-in closet which could almost serve as another bedroom! For the next two weeks, you’ll be seeing the moving chronicles here! Not that you really want to know that much about my move, but sometimes a girl just needs to blabber. That’s what blogs are for, right?!

Unorthodox decorating


The economy is trying to contract, in spite of the federal reserve bank, and along with everyone else, I am trying to do my part by spending less money. I’ve been fascinated to read in various blogs how people have just gotten fed up with too much – too much stuff, too much spending, too much eating out. In the process, I think people are rediscovering. For myself, I’ve fallen back in love with “sewing”. Not that I sew or ever sewed a lot, but it has something to do with the “idea” of sewing, that you can take an unformed piece of color and texture and turn it into something, anything, whatever you desire. My stay-at-home mother, who would have preferred to be a working mom, said that sewing was what helped her keep her sanity. She made most of my clothes until I was in my mid-20’s and I have fond memories of a lot of special outfits she made for me. This dress, designed to be worn over a plain black shift, was something she made for me after I left home. At the time, I had a hard time bringing myself to wear gray, but now, I am getting into this color. My winter decor focuses on neutrals – black, white, gray, brown with just a smidgen of red and pink, and I’ve loved hanging this special dress on my wall to remind me of mom every day. AND, it’s a free decoration! Does anyone else hang clothes on the wall to decorate?