Between fall and winter


November is an interesting month. This morning I awoke to the sound of my card table on the veranda blowing down a couple of doors to the neighbor’s. That, combined with the frigid temperature in my apartment reminded me that winter is not far away. And yet when I looked out the window, I still saw leaves blowing across the grass and some gold left on the maple tree across the street. I took the photos above about a week ago. I started my photo trip in a frosty car, found some amazing fog over by the athletic fields and ended with the sun glimmering through the fall leaves. Yesterday, a teenage friend was speaking about the signs of the times…an empty corn field…a sign that the harvest is safely in. For me, winter is a quiet time, a time to rest, snuggle in bed, read, reflect. I look forward to winter and the signs that indicate it isn’t far away….frost on the pumpkin…..the wind on the veranda.

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