Spring on the farm

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, so I took myself on a special outing! I fell in love with farms a long time ago. My mother always said I should have married a farmer. Instead, I studied soils and plant science and spend most of my time with books, but just for one day, I went wandering in the countryside. Some nearby farms had tastings – ice cream, goat cheese, honey, popcorn, locally made wines- a wonderful taste of green!


The remnants of spring

Passion for Green blog

Spring is almost gone and summer is in the wings to take her place. Over the Memorial Day weekend we ran into this gosling kindergarten at a park in Illinois. According to LoveCanadaGeese, adults take turns babysitting to allow the rest of the adutls to better watch for danger. Personally, I think it just gives the tired moms and dads more time to enjoy the gorgeous May weather!

Passion for Green