May Basket Day

May Basket Day was BIG in my family! Even when we were past the age for making May Baskets, we made them anyway, sometimes out of wallpaper samples, sometimes with DQ containers and crepe paper. We filled them with popcorn, flowers, candy corn, and Mom’s divinity. Have you ever made divinity? Let me tell you, “It ain’t easy!” It’s one of those candies that you cook until it spins a thread. You can also use a candy thermometer, but that would be cheating. Sometimes, if you didn’t do it just right, you wind up with a sticky mess of corn syrup and eggs whites instead of the most heavenly, light, dry white fluff that melts in your mouth. I learned about never giving up from my mom. If she had a batch flop out on her, she just threw it out and started over again. Never, never, never, ever, give up! Get right back in there and try it again!! So in memory of mom, thanks to my sister who sent me this lovely basket of flowers for May Basket Day. Love you sis!


Oh to be a bee in May

p1010069.jpgMy friends make fun of me because in May, I am so easily distracted. As we walk down the street, I drift in and out of the conversation. I listen to human voice with one part of my mind, but with the other part, I scan the flowery world around me, and every time my eye catches a bee, I leave my friend for just a moment…. I must, because every bee calls to me, its blimpy body moving so languidly through the air, purposeful but so graceful. Wouldn’t you love to be a bee? Think of it! Burrying your face in polleny puffs of color, drunk with scents of lilac and apple blossom….what a life!