The Seed Catalog Itch

Well, I finally succumbed yesterday. I don’t really have access to a gardening space, living in an apartment and all. In the past, I’ve rented a plot at the Iowa State University Student Organic Farm and I’ve had pots of flowers and a few veggies on my veranda, but the veranda faces north, and now the Student Farm has moved about 10 miles away, so really, I shouldn’t be looking at seed catalogs at all. But yesterday I had to go to the doctor, and you know how that can go….long waits, more waiting…so I took my Seeds of Change catalog, just to help me relax and I found myself plotting how I could grow something this summer, somewhere! So in honor of garden dreaming, today I’ll post a pic from the SOF, as we await a possible half inch of ice followed by up to 8 inches of snow and yes, spring is still on her way I hope!


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