The first robin

Entering and leaving work lately I’ve noticed the birds singing, even though the temperature is still in the single digits. Today, however, I saw with my very own eyes the first true sign of spring – a robin. And it wasn’t just a fleeting or off in the distance “was that really a robin I saw?” sighting. This robin looked like he was waiting for me, right outside the door to my apartment. My front door (well, my only door really) exits onto a building-long veranda that is edged with boxy yews and my robin sat on one yew, then as I walked towards the mailbox, he hopped onto the next shrub. I am sure he was saying “look here, don’t be so glum, here I am, just for you, smile, spring is coming!”

Now I can’t say as I have a picture of a robin sitting on my hard drive to share with you and I haven’t taken any new photos in months, but I’m sure I have something birdish to give you, to make you think of spring and days and days of green on the horizon! (later in April….I did find a robin with my camera!)

Later, my camera found my robin!

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